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Low/No Water Pressure Update

Several people on our water system contacted me this morning about low or no water pressure. I called our operator, who was already enroute to our wells. At 10:35 am, I heard back from. Since most people on our water system are homebound and using more water than is normal, and since everyone is (and should) have their faucets dripping, the water system was temporarily overloaded.

What can we all do to ensure that we don’t lose water?
1. Keep your faucets dripping (just a little drip will do).
2. Please use water sparingly. Please don’t run dishwashers, clothes washers, bathtubs/showers, or anything else that uses water unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Remember that road conditions are terrible, and we want to keep our water operator off the roads for his safety. If we all do our part over the next few days, we should have no problems.


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